AVL-901(D) Real-Time GPS Vehicle Tracker (Defense Version)


  • High sensitivity GPS: -159 dBm

  • German Quad band (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) GSM, SMS & GPRS

  • Sound monitoring & track your vehicle all the time

  • Geo-fence for car's security & management

  • Report car's position at the preset time interval

  • Remote immobilization function to stop car engine remotely

  • Can work with car alarm system to send an alert SMS to your mobile if car alarm is activated

  • Optional external voltage regulator to eliminate power surge

  • Good for both DIY and call center based tracking


A multifunctional PC base tracking software for you to set up a Fleet Management System at your office or home for tracking over Maps from 1~500 vehicles.

  • GPS Data Logger Function new

When GSM Network is not available, the GPS data will be stored in the memory upto 17500 records. Once the device receives GSM signal again, the logged data will be sent back to server automatically.

  • Support Two Fixed IP Addresses -only available from GoPass

Through GPRS sending GPS data to 2 fixed IP addresses networked by computers.

  • GEO-fence (Park) Function - guarding vehicle against theft

The tracker will alert you by sending a SMS message to your mobile/PDA, when someone moves the car or the asset without permission over a preset distance. It is recommended to set the geo-fence range over 200 meters.

  • Remote Immobilization Function - engine shut off remotely

You can send a SMS command to the device to open the relay circuit to immobilize the car engine. If the relay is connected to the motor starter circuit, the car engine will be unable to ignite/ restart on OFF standard. We do not suggest you to connect the relay to the oil pump as stopping the car on the spot is very dangerous.

  • GPS Position Tracking Function

The report method can be via SMS messages or via GPRS.

  • Sound Monitoring Function

You can monitor the situation inside the vehicle remotely from mobile phone by sending a SMS command to this device without interfering the persons in the car.


  • Other Functions:

    • Send back data based on the preset time internal or based on the driving distance

    • Read the volt data by sending a SMS message

    • Get position data thru phone call

    • Set the timetable to send back data automatically

    • Support Sleep Mode

    • If the speed is slower than defined km/ hour for continuous defined time, the device won't send back data

Panel Description

Power Charging

The signal cable connecting to car alarm system will enable the device to send an alert SMS to the preset phone number, if car alarm is activated. The cables connecting to the relay box, then to starter motor circuit is for car owner to stop the car engine remotely by sending a SMS command to the AVL.



A tracking software for you to track over Maps real-time by your own PC; no need to pay for the maps or service charges. It can also keep history records for you to replay afterwards. As to reports, it can provide you mileage/ routes/ idle/ over-speed/ detailed activity and fleet summary reports for management purpose. Besides, GooLocate software supports "Remote Data Server" function. The data received by server can be forwarded to any PC links to the internet for data sharing. It enables you to set up a mini-control center by yourself.   >>Learn More


Other free tracking softwares included

 real-time track over
 navigation map in PC
  track the position by
  mobile phone
  track the position by
  PDA phone


AVL-901(D) Hardware Specifications


320 grams


135mm x 76mm x 25mm (AVL unit)


EGSM900: TX880-915MHz, RX 925-960MHz

DCS1800: TX 1710-1785MHz, RX 1805-1880MHz

GSM850: TX824-849MHz, RX 869-894MHz

GSM1900: TX1850-1910MHz, RX 1930-1990MHz

Max. RF Output Power

EGSM900, GSM850: 33 dBm(2W)

GSM1800, GSM1900: 30 dBm(1W)

Transmission Speed

Circuit switched 4.8/9.6 kbps




-159 dBm


L1, 1575.42MHz


20 channels

Position Accuracy

10 meters CEP, w/o SA

Speed Accuracy

0.1 meter/ second, w/o SA

Coordinate System


Hot Start

< 8 Seconds

Warm Start

< 38 Seconds

Cold Start

< 60 Seconds


18000 meters60000 feetmax.


515meters / second1000 knotsmax.


4g max.

Working Voltage

5 to 24 VDC



Power Consumption

in stand-by mode


Power Consumption

in working mode


Digital Input/ Output

1 set for digital data input & relay output


3 LEDs showing Power, GPS and GSM status

Operation Temperature

-20°C to +70°C

Storage Temperature

-30°C to +80°C


0~95%, non-condensing

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AVL-901 is the basic version; AVL-901(C) is the phone conversation version; AVL-901(D) is the defense version.

AVL-901 has the same functions as AVL-900; just for tracking; w/o phone & immobilizer function.
=> can be installed in a hidden place.

AVL-901(C) is AVL-901(B) + external speaker + keypad for phone conversation & SOS function.
=> can NOT be installed in a hidden place.

AVL-901(D) is AVL-901(B) with remote car immobilizer to stop car engine remotely + car security alert.
=> can be installed in a hidden place.


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