AVL-921 GPS/GPRS Data Transmitter  To be developed for OEM/ODM!

  • GPS module for position fix

  • GSM/ SMS/ GPRS communication

  • RISC CPU for fast data processing

  • Track on internet real-time via GPRS

  • 6 RS232 ports for data input/ output

  • RJ45 connector for the I/O interface

  • Supports barcode scanner for logistics

  • Supports LCD/ keypad for fleet dispatching

  • Supports ADC to input analog data to server

  • Built-in memory for program and data storage

  • GPRS modem can be shared with other devices

  • Can be used for GPS car navigation when plug a PDA to it

  • Ideal for remote monitoring of meters, valves, and sensors...


AVL-921 comes with GPS module for position fix; GSM/GPRS module for wireless communication; RISC CPU for fast data processing; + six I/O ports for data input/output is the most ideal device for remote data collection and for remote control/ monitoring.

  • LED Indicator

1) POWER: Red light; will be steady red light after power on.

2) GPS: Green light; will flash when receiving GPS signals.

3) GPRS: Orange light; will flash once per second after power on; and 3 times per second after GSM/GPRS network connection is successful.


  • Power Source

12~36V@3A; power cable with error-free connector design.


  • RS-232 Ports

Six I/O ports with RJ-45 interface for data input/ output.


  • SMA Socket

With 2 SMA sockets for GPS antenna and GPRS antenna.


  • Function Key

Users can define the functions of F1 & F2 keys. The LED will be on, when the function key is pressed down.


  • SOS Button

Press this button to summon help to the exact location, when under emergency circumstance. The SOS indicator will be on, after then. Please call the control center to cancel the status, if SOS button was activated by mistake.


  • 6 I/O Ports’ Functions

1) Bar Code Scanner

2) PDA Navigation

3) LED Display

4) Voice Broadcasting or Printer

5) LCM Panel

6) Setting the parameters


Panel Description



  • Vehicle positioning

  • Fleet Management

  • Two way phone conversation

  • Remote monitoring of rainfall


  • Remote monitoring of temperature

  • Remote monitoring of traffic condition

  • Remote monitoring of water level in rivers

  • Remote monitoring of electronic ammeters



AVL-921 Hardware Specifications

Serial Port

6 RS232 Ports with RJ45 interface

Digital Input/ Output

4 sets each for digital data input/ output

Built-in Module

GPS: 5/3.3V RS232(FXE1)

GPRS: 3.8V RS232(GM862-GPRS)

LED Indicator

Power – red light

GPS – green light

GPRS – orange light


one piece


GPS: MCX type active antenna

GPRS: SMA active antenna

Power Source

DC 12~30V

Power Consumption


Storage Humidity

0~85o, 5%~95%RH

Working Humidity

0~70o, 5%~95%RH


Plug memory: 32K SRAM 



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